The Awkward Chemist


Hey Guys and Gals! 

Many of you might be confused as to why I decided to start a blog but, I have a passion for writing and I love chemistry. So why not use my spare time to bring some knowledge to you about chemistry and give some stories about my awkward self along with some poetry or maybe a short story or two.

Yes, everyone has a blog now. Yes, Chemistry might be a headache. However, this blog won’t be a drag and it won’t be filled with just words. I am a visual learner and I would HATE to put someone through a maze of words just to get to my point. So, you will be pleasantly surprised with diagrams, charts and everything easy to digest.

My life is the epitome of laughter with making people laugh is paramount. I will also give you humour, be it science humour or just plain old jokes. Expect GIFs, images, even videos, worth cackling at. Corny jokes are right up my alley and I enjoy retelling old ones, over and over…and over.

There’s a link in the menu giving a little information about myself, if you want to know, but this page is mainly everything awkward and chemistry. My cousins and friends can tell you that I am the awkward Queen and I always end up in situations that could be avoided…situations you are guaranteed to laugh at.

So! Sit back, get you a nice hot beverage, a little snack and enjoy the blog posts I intend to share with you. I hope to bring sunshine to your rainy days, inspiration to your demotivated vibe, and a “ya does learn something new every day” to your life. Welcome me, read me, share me and most of all, ENJOY me!

– Erin Jordan

Creator of, “The Awkward Chemist”


  1. I await the first horror story. For me, a non Chemistrian that is what it will be. Will share with my daughter as she can relate to chemistry weirdness. Proud of you Erin.

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