Dear Mama

“Dear Mama, you fought like the warrior you are.

Dear Mama, you showed affection like the lover you are.

Dear Mama, you led like the beacon you are.

Dear Mama, you taught like the teacher you are.

Dear Mama, I miss you.” – the Awkward Chemist


You are probably wondering why I am saying “are” when my mother passed away. But, I refuse to use past tense when it comes to the qualities that make up Gloria Jordan. My mother will forever live on. Her strength, her beauty, her resilience, her EVERYTHING still lives on through her family, her students, her friends. The love I have for this woman will never die.



To us there was no woman stronger,
Who could be more beautiful than you?
With a smile so bright
We wish you’d stay a lil while longer.

This pain we feel is like no other.
Gloria Patricia, the world’s greatest mother.
You were an aunt, cousin, friend and educator.
Thankfully, we’ll see you later.

We got eight extra years with you,
After breast cancer tried to take you.
But you fought so valiantly,
You were determined to be cancer free.

In 2015, your nemesis came again
As if, this time, it planned to take revenge,
You fought and you braved it so gracefully,
Until it took your power to move willfully.

Even then it couldn’t down your spirit,
Even then you were never afraid of it
But like a true lady, you knew when to retaliate no more,
You knew there was a better life waiting at the top floor.

Mum, you have touched the lives of many a person,
You have groomed and shaped an abundance of daughters and sons,
I thank God he chose you to bring Ethan and I into this world
And I know you’ll always be watching over dad, cause you’ll always be his girl.

Go on, pretty lady. Spread those wings,
We’ll be fine down here, you taught us many things.
We will miss you more than we can ever say,
But we find comfort in knowing we’ll see you again, one day.

Rest In Peace, mama. ❤️

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