Communications Portfolio

Below you can find some of the science communication I’ve done as a Communications & Marketing Officer at the International Water Association. I’ve worked with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, Canva, Lumen5, Final Cut Pro X, Apple Preview, and WordPress.

Written Materials


Decarbonisation and Digitalisation

Read here.

The Changing Tides of Water Use

Read here.


Nature-based Solutions: The advantage of being a developing country

Read here.

Press Releases

What does COVID-19 mean for WASH and Vulnerable Communities?

Read here.

International Water Association and Cranfield University Excellence Scholarships

Read here.

Graphics Design

I’ve worked on email banners, event postcards, bag designs, online event postcards, and general images for social media distribution.


See here a sample of the types of videos I’ve worked on.

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