Catch up with me…

Heyo! I am so happy to have the time to write to you guys. It has been a hectic 8 months and life has been tough for those 8 months.

School wise, I have been doing well with the courses (passed all) and I even went on an international field trip to Spain and Portugal. Now, we’re about to start the thesis part of this masters and let me just say that I’m particularly nervous about it.

Personal life… (long sigh) I really am taking life one day at a time. The rock of my life, Gloria Jordan, left me on March 3rd 2017 and I have been praying and trying to be the strongest I can be since then. Just trying to make her proud. I’m also growing spiritually and I am loving it.

Awkward side, still awkward and still trying to find my place in this world. Man, at 24 years old, it is really something else when you don’t know where you fit in or where you will be in the future. Trying to be okay with that.


Thanks for bearing with me for these past 8 months. Life comes at you too fast man. More blog posts to come!   power-of-gratitude-

– the Awkward Chemist


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